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    Thumbs up Palm Pixi Plus NAM Program problem

    hi there,

    about month ago I already programmed NAM settings for palm pixi plus & device works well. now I have to program another pixi plus, but I've problems. I unlocked device, bypassed activation, turned on DIAG mode and programmed with two different apps QPST & DFS but phone wont turn on. "Phone offline" notification is instead carrier logo "verizon wireless". after uploading PRL phone flashes cellular reception and goes offline in seconds.

    also, when I send SPC from program, it can read from phone & appears DEVICE UNLOCKED but, when I try to enter MSL code by devices dialpad, there appears error: invalid MSL

    anyone can help me?

    Problem Solved.
    I think problem was in activating device. cause by mistake at first I programmed NAM settings & then bypassed activation
    solving method:
    1. get stock (unactivated) device
    2. Activate
    3. connect to qpst
    4. save original nam settings to *.qcn file
    5. program "phone offline" device with original settings
    6. activate
    7. program NAM with our carrier setting
    8. reboot

    Admin, post can be closed.

    sorry for my English & thank you.
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    Default Re: Palm Pixi Plus NAM Program problem

    now after restartiing device, stills "phone offline" and appears - network message ID: 268435455

    just stills message: network message ID: 268435455
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