Customer Service #: 800-643-4926
Customer Service Location: **Unknown
Typical Wait Time: 20-30 minutes
E-mail: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Note: H2O Wireless took more than a week to respond to emails inquiring about their service
Web-site: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Web-Chat: Yes.

Coverage: AT&T GoPhone
Link to Map: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Check coverage by ZIP: No on H2O's web-site. Yes on AT&T GoPhone web-site.
Technology: GSM
$60/month for unlimited talk, text, and 1 gigabyte of data
$50/month for unlimited talk, text, and 250 MB of data
$40/month for unlimited talk and text, NO DATA
Overage: None. When data cap reached, data stops.
Taxes Charged: No

Data Throttled: Reports indicate that AT&T throttles MVNO data speeds to 500 kb/s in markets where AT&T offers 3G and 1,500 kbs in areas where AT&T offers 4G. It is possible that these reports are incorrect, or that AT&T is throttling data for MVNO customers. Reports on Howard Forums indicates that the throttle can be avoided by using proxy settings. H20ís instructions on configuring data include the use of the proxies that are reported to avoid the throttle.
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Bring Your Own Device: Available. Programming instructions and compatible phones on web-site. Supports unlocked GSM phones and locked AT&T phones. T-mobile phones with data on 1700/2100 WILL NOT SUPPORT HIGH SPEED DATA.
Data Configuration Instructions:
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
MMS URL on configuration page = MMSC on Android
MMS APN on configuration page = MMS Proxy on Android
Voicemail: Yes.
Disable Voicemail: **Unknown
Supports Conditional Call Forwarding: **Unknown
Number Portability: Yes
Unused SIM required for port: Yes
Outgoing calls during port: No
Detailed Call Records on Website: **Unknown
Corporate HQ Address:
Locus Telecomm
2200 Fletcher Avenue, 6th Floor
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Note: I do not recommend H2O Wireless. It takes 20-30 minutes to reach customer care. When you finally do reach someone, you may be given incorrect information or be disconnected. The CSRs speak very quickly, and seem to want to get you off the line as quickly as possible. H2O Wireless CSRs have made representations that were not accurate, such as one representative promising that he had added a special code to their system to shorten the future wait time to "no more than 10 minutes."

E-mails are not handled in a timely fashion.

H2O Wireless has been known to play the "reasonable use" game, where they promise unlimited talk or unlimited data, and then terminate service before the end of the monthly period for users who exceed an unstated cap. H2O recently changed their $60 "unlimited" data plan to a 3 gigabyte plan, and then to a 2 gigabyte plan, and now to a 1 gigabyte plan, presumably in response to these kinds of criticisms.

There are many other AT&T MVNOs with better customer service, and so I recommend against H2O Wireless.