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Thread: Esn repair

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    Default Esn repair

    hey all ...not sure if this is where i should be but hey to start somewhere!
    i am a complete noob when it comes to this cell phone stuff,but am a fast learner
    now i had a phone that was given to me from my uncle it is a sprint blackberry curve 8530....has a bad esn do to non payment....i also have sprint samsung reclaim before i discuss this i know everyone has different looks on the legality of my question
    now i am not doing nothing illegal i leagaly have rights over both phones....
    i would like to know how to use the esn from my phone (good esn) and clone/change it to the blackberry curve 8530 and then in return take the BB 8530 and use it on boostmobile network.....i have all the necessary software (i think) and i have got my MSL number and unlocked the phone.....i also have the prl files for boost mobile
    i just cant seem to get it to work right....if anyone knows how to do this and is willing to help me plz message me with a video or tutorial on how to work *** cdma-tool
    i will even pay for a how to video ...i have googled for the last three days and can not find the info i need......and i also have a boostmobile account
    plz help i will pay half the price now and you send me half the tutorial and then i will send you the rest of the money and you send me the rest of the instructions

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    Default Re: Esn repair

    it does not matter about the opinions of the "legality" of this because this subject in open forum is against forum rules,and it is illegal no matter whos phones they are. discussion of this is permitted in the premium section,but this is not the premium section and could result in the forum getting fined or even closed,so i would suggest to you to read the rules of the forum then if u wish become a premium member and post in the appropriate section. any further discussion here will result in a ban.

    thread closed
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