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    Default Help HTC Evo 3D Contacts Linked Issue in phone book

    Ok here is my issue I have a HTC Evo 3D and for some reason my people phone book shows thousands of entries and i keep getting something that pops up saying messages linked and all the entries in the phone book seems to be every person who has ever emailed my gmail account. I need to know how to get rid of all those contacts cause there are literally thousands of them instead of just the 150 or so that I should have and makes it impossible to find the people i want to contact. CAN anyone help me PLEASE!!!!

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    Default Re: Help HTC Evo 3D Contacts Linked Issue in phone book

    Well when you export or import your contacts you have an option to use your phonebook or your google sounds like you have your contacts linked with your google accountI would export just your phonebook contacts to your sd card..then delete all the contacts on your phone then go back and import your saved contacts from the sd card.


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