Sprint spent some time today talking about its plan for deploying CDMA 3G, and WiMax and Long Term Evolution 4G devices over the next few years. While the company didn't share specific details about particular handsets, it spoke in general terms about how it will move forward with its 3G and 4G services with respect to network technology and spectrum support. Sprint said that it will integrate 800MHz CDMA Class 10 in most 2011 devices and all 2012 devices. It will use its 800MHz CDMA assets to supplement its current 1900MHz PCS voice services. Sprint will also build 1X Advanced into its 2012 device portfolio. LTE will debut in devices by the middle of 2012. Sprint said that WiMax will still be included in its products, but will overlap and sell both WiMax and LTE devices at the same time. Handsets released in 2012 will be dual-mode CDMA/LTE, with LTE running in the 1900MHz A-G Bands. It will launch multi-mode CDMA/WiMax/LTE mobile hotspots. CDMA/WiMax devices will be sold through 2012. The company said that there will be about 15 CDMA/LTE devices available in 2012, including handsets, tablets, and data cards. Samsung, LG, RIM, Kyocera, Sierra Wireless, Google, Novatel, Qualcomm, VIA, HTC and Motorola have voiced their support for Sprint's network plans.

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