A New York law firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 11 AT&T customers in an attempt to block AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile. The lawsuit claims that the acquisition would violate the Clayton Antitrust Act. The lawyers argue, "Government enforcement is an important part of the antitrust laws, but the Clayton Act also permits private parties who may be adversely affected to challenge a proposed merger. That means any AT&T cellphone, data or iPad customer who will suffer higher prices and diminished service because of this merger can sue to stop it from happening." The group has set up a web site, called FightTheMerger.com, to serve as a discussion point. The group will have to get around provisions in AT&T's standard contract that prohibit class action lawsuits, but the lawyers are confident they can circumnavigate any potential legal barriers. In its recent earnings report, AT&T expressed confidence that the FCC and DoJ will approve the acquisition, though a number of consumers, government officials, companies, and organizations have opposed it from the beginning.

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