I made a file to downgrade these devices, mr6500, 6400, 6150, 1100, 5100, 5200 and soon 6550
This should restore the ability to use OpenMEP back to the device and for the devices that now have port 5510 closed
This will reopen it for you making your device accessible again.

I have tried it with success on mr5200 and mr1100 and all challenges and port 5510 were restored.

While I am calling it a downgrade this does not tick the version back it will remain the same even though it will have some parts on an older platform.

The 6500 is the device that has given me the most trouble, it is now 100% working with
port 5510 and MEP access again, before I was downgrading or trying to for this one I had to tick the version up to get it to work because of the device being fuzed now on the platform, anyway now it is debranded with all the goodies that netgear and AT&T took away with this update, I still need some testers for this one