Hello! After much searching I came across this forum. I found a post where a member said this forum is where much of the original software tools for phones started. The reason I am now signed up is to find software to accomplish one task.

I have an old Kyocera 2235 (2002 CDMA Phone) on a grandfathered plan and the provider will not transfer. I'd like to clone to ensure a backup is available before it fails. I found instructions for how to complete the task (available in an old 2600 Magazine issue, here: hackcanada com /ice3 /2600 /2600_21-3 pdf - link requires reassembly due to forum requirements). I purchased a new USB serial to data cable for the phone, and two other identical phones.

The company for CDMAware has a package of utilities they downloaded from the internet and are reselling (the morality of which is questionable). It appears to have the few Kyocera tools needed to clone the 2235. They want $220 dollars, and multiple emails to them yielded no response.

I will pay a fee. Can anyone clone the phone or assist? If anyone has an old copy of Kyocera Unlock Tools by Stich (or Stitch ?) or KWC ESN Writer All I would greatly appreciate a link or filedropper.com . I am skilled with computers and could offer remote access. It is good to meet you all and may the information continue to flow free.