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    Default Samsung uscg sch-lc11 ff76 Admin password forgotten

    The Samsung sch-lc11 mobile hotspot I have not used of quite a bit and it would seem that the years are catching up with me. Do to carelessness I have forgotten my admin password.. this is the Verizon 3G that has the five dollar a month for life unlimited. I would be most greatfull if this could be resolved without loosing that unlimited 3G. I very much appreciate any possible remades that can resolve this without loosing that unlimited 3G . Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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    Default Re: Samsung uscg sch-lc11 ff76 Admin password forgotten

    the only way besides resetting which will bork your flash is to dump the device which if you do not know how to do, it wont be cheap but can be done.
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