This has been a well kept secret for a couple years now.
This tool is for anyone who mass post's on craigslist or needs phone verification's for virtually any service
IE: reddit, tinder,google voice, facebook, ticketmaster ect.
This tool can automatically, with no human intervention pull a number from Verizon forward it to your number of choice then retrieve any sms that is sent to it and then automatically forward that sms to your forwarded number and/or email of your choice, it can run thousands of numbers & sms daily for all you mass account creators and mass posters.
It can track line balance,minutes,sms and exp. of your Verizon lines as well, it is the only tool of its kind in the world.
the url is [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
We are wholesalers only and do have minimums required for purchasing credits and using the tool, we are also set up for master/sub users for resellers, we welcome resellers and have many.
There are a couple of instructional videos on the website. Hope to see you there!!