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    Question Help How to program LG Dare for Reliance

    Hello Guys !!!

    I am Puja. I had a LG Dare with Verizon in the US. Recently I moved back to India and I want to use my lovely LG Dare with Reliance. I have been trying for the last five months but did not succeed. Even the staff at Reliance World cannot do this.

    Please help me !!!!! Please give me details instructions on what I need to do--how to update the PRL and all ?

    I am naive to this cell phone unlocking and programming stuff so I would appreciate detail steps.....However I know how to find the ESN Hex and other numbers of my phone. I have also downloaded the Firmware, BIN/SCR and PRL file but dont know how to upload the PRL to the phone etc.


    Thanks a lot


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    Thread retitled and moved.
    I removed the How To prefix as it is used for actual How To's, tutorials, etc. Not to ask how to. Also moved from the LG device forum to the other carrier forum.

    Just take a look around there are many tutorials "actual" [How To]'s for flashing the Dare in the cricket and Metro forums. Just use those tutorials and adjust them with your carrier settings.

    As I am not familiar with Reliance I am not sure if they use Ruim cards in their cdma phones, if so you'll need to know those settings.


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