SO i have had Boost for 3 yrs now... I have my incognito as my donor and i have an S3 flashed as well as a sierra wireless usb598 boradband stick also "flashed" to boost mobile using the credentials from the donor incognito..
All has been good for 3 yrs now, tethering from the S3 here and there and also using the usb598 to get internet access

About 3 months ago i went to tether my S3 when i noticed that i did NOT have 3G, only 1xRTT, inteornet was slow, so i rebooted the phone multiple times and still no 3G svc, only 1xRTT... Dont know how or why or what happened. I shut it down and grabbed my usb598 and plugged it in, went to connect and got all kinds of errors (remote computer did not respond, no phone svc detected, etc) so i was like hmm, something happened to my account. I checked and there was still $$ in the account and my phone # was still correct and boost showed my incognito on the account still..
So i called a buddy of mine that helped my get the credentials off the donor to flash my S3 and he was puzzled as to why or how this happened. He said the easiest way to get 3G back was to do a data profile update on the S3... So i did and yes 3G evdo was restored and true 3G was back... GREAT, Now i checked my usb598 and still same error messages... So he told me to power up the incognito and do the same data profile update to see if it picks up the new 3G password IF IT WAS CHANGED... So i did and it took the update and rebooted... Then requested the prof 0 & 1 passwords from it and to a shock they were both the same from 3 yrs ago...

So now we were both puzzled again and we have no idea what to do to find out why the usb598 still wont connect... So i re-wrote the prof 0 & 1 user and pass back to the usb598... Went to connect and now i get ERROR 67: Your Vision User Name and/or Password may be incorrect, if you attempt repeatedly your account will be suspended for 20 minutes... SO... now i know its communicating to sprint but the user and or password is incorrect ..

So now i am confused... My donor shows both passwords are still the same yet the usb598 is telling me otherwise.. Could it be that the S3 picked up the new password during its data profile update and the donor still has the original 3G password and never took the new one even after the data profile update..??