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    Default Tethering the Samsung U350

    Thanks for the drivers. I have saved them. I also got a drivers today from the guy who posted the instructions I'm quoting below (I'm using those for now. He has the phone drivers and the dll for the PST, but not CDMA workshop or the PST app.)

    I found a version of the PST that's supposed to work. But I'm stuck on the step before that - CDMA Workshop - it isn't working.

    I downloaded the new Demo version of CDMA workshop. Device Manager reported the phone was on COM9. The Demo version gave a message "COM9 is not available in the demo version." I changed the phone modem to COM1 in the Device Manager - it reported it was available, and changed it okay. I restarted CDMA workshop. It was set to COM1. I clicked "Connect" - it connected okay. I clicked "Read," and after a delay it reported "phone failed to answer" and mentioned the mode was "DM mode."

    Now I am struck. None of the many instruction sets I have found mention this error.

    Here are the instructions I'm using:
    Tethering the Samsung SCH-U350 (Verizon pre-paid)

    1) Install the Samsung U350 drivers. (I have the one's from the guy who posted these instructions)
    2) Plug in the phone via USB.
    3) In the Device Manager find "Samsung Mobile Modem" or "SAMSUNG CDMA Modem" - note the COM port setting.
    4) Open CDMA Workshop
    5) Under COM settings (AT mode) change the port what ever port you found at the device managar
    6) Now click connect. At the bottom it should say that the phone has connected successfully
    7) Now you can click the read button.
    8) Click on the security tab and check the password radio button
    9) Enter the number- 1945081520081106 and press send
    10) “Password is correct, phone unlocked” should come up
    11) Press Okay
    12) The SPC/User Lock field : (RECORD THIS NUMBER!!!!!!)
    13) Change the service programing code to 000000 (6 Zeros)
    14) Close CDMA Workshop
    15) Install Samsung PST.
    16) Run the installer for the SamsungPSTU350 Dll (I have this file from the author)
    17) Run samsung pst
    18) Now you should see a red phone to the left. It may or may not look like your phone but it is the correct file.
    19) Now double click on SCH-U350. Click the settings tab. Press the "select all" button then the "read from phone" button.
    20) If it asks you for a MSL code enter the 6 Zeros
    21) Now its going to take a little while and read files from the phone. You will know when its done when your phone restarts.
    22) In the Feature_Settings section, select DUN and change it to 1XDUN and change hidden menu to: Enable
    23) Press the Write to Phone Button and wait for it to complete
    24) Now your phone is enabled for the internet. Create a dial up connection and make sure you use Samsung as the modem.
    25) Use #777 as the phone number to dial. Leave the username and password blank. Once all this is done connect using the new connection you made and you should have some what high speed internet though your phone.

    Thanks for any help.

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    You are getting that error because you are using a demo version. They only allow like 5 ports on that. You can either buy the whole version and then continue with your mission or you can lower the port number which can be done in the device manager.

    Note: In the future please refrain from thread hijacking. You originally posted in the "Samsung bins/dll" section. Your problem has nothing to do with that. I split your question away from that thread to help out.

    Welcome to Gurus

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    Default Re: Tethering the Samsung U350

    I am trying to tether an sch u365 I am having the same problem, my phone is on com2 (usb).. I connect ok, but it fails on the read.. cdma workshop fails at the read.. It is possible that I am not in AT Mode (it says DM).. how do I get into AT Mode? Is there something else I am missing?

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    Re: Tethering the Samsung U350

    I am doing this also with a SCH-U365 (GUSTO2). I have been working on this for about two weeks when I am able to between work and misc. I have used DFS to find my SPC code, used that code and changed it to 000000. Then searched the web and after trial and error found I needed the SamsungPST_SCHU360_DLL file and samsungpstlite_fw_setup10004 file to correctly read the .dll file. When I click read on the Information tab it displays my software version as U365.FB03 and my hardware version as U365.03. I am only stuck now on the Samsung PST program not able to "Read From Phone" option under the "Settings" tab. I have my SPC set to "000000". When I select all and click read from phone I get asked for the MSL code. I type six zeros and after a second it gives me "Error in getting Infomation from Handset".

    Extra Information from my post:
    * I used the lite version of samsung pst because the full would not read general information and would say "Password is Invalid!". While the Lite read it fine.

    *Found out while trying to do a backup.( Samsung PST will "Initialize Comport", "Enter Offline Mode", but I believe the error occurs when trying to "Change to DM Mode")
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    Default Re: Tethering the Samsung U350

    its an old phone so not many peeps will be up on it.i would say you need to use the correct dll and you are probly using a dated version of pst. just fyi lite is very limited,most serious flashers do not even have it on there drives. i dont,lol.

    but why tether with this phone? it is super slow and will not be a good device to tether with.
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    Default Re: Tethering the Samsung U350

    Thanks. Gonna try on a u365 dll and the most up to date Samsung PST.

    I'm tethering this phone because I have hughesnet internet and it only has a daily download allowance of 250MB and a bank that ONLY holds up to 500MB. Trying to tether this phone to use with downloading big updates and misc.Thanks for the help, off to do more research, trial, and error.


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