Page Plus. Probably second largest Verizon mvno after Straight Talk. Almost full byod except for No Blackberries or prepaid Verizon phones. Does allow almost any cdma phone if flashed properly. Has prepaid coverage with postpaid roaming at extra charge. Known for $45 unlimited talk/text/20 meg plan.
Bad customer service and many system issues.

H20 Cdma. Not to be confused with H20 Gsm. Runs on Verizon prepaid network. Only has talk/text/mms. Paygo only. No unlimited plans or web. Allows any Verizon phone except prepaid devices. Cordial but somewhat slow customer service. Outsourced but better attitude then PPC CS.

Siri Wireless. Full postpaid coverage. Free 3000 minute night/weekends on all plans.
No paygo. No unlimited. Charges pricey activation fee and most plans cost too much beyond the bottom two. Allows most any Verizon phone except prepaid. Alltel are allowed too apparently.

With at least three and maybe four Verizon mvnos knocked out of the game this year, pickings are kind of slim.

Air Voice Express. Dead as of this month. Switching to Sprint cdma is one rumor.
Mingo Wireless. Switched from Verizon to Sprint about two months ago.
Lucky Wireless. Unknown.
MyWayWireless/MyPayGo. Supposed inheritor of Mingo's former Verizon customers.
Dead as of this month.