Recently Indian CDMA operator named reliance blocked almost all username and password used to connect their WAP services known as RWORLD or RELIANCE WORLD.

Sources from blackberry department of reliance says that usernames and passwords of blackberry WAP services are still not blocked and it can be used.

If any one is not aware what I am talking about, just skip this thread.

To get username and password, there are few options like getting official blackberry handsets of reliance and read username and password with CDMA workshop or QXDM.

Another is to send me PM. Please do not flood me with PM.

This is one of the closely guarded secret by one of the leading discussion forum about reliance India mobile called rimweb. All senior memebers are exploting this to fullest and fooling reliance cdma guys.

Reliance CDMA is one of the most expensive data service provider in India if you want to use your mobile as modem or if you are using expensive and smart phones having WM / Android OS.

See how reliance rip its customers

visit Rcom site > wireless internet > Reliance Phone modem and see tariff

In GSM 2 GB is for less than Rs 100 ahd Reliance CDMA, Rs 500 for 1 GB, what a great service providers they are and what fools they get as subscribers. WOW