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    Default Things a new member should know.

    CDMA GURUS is split up into forums "groups" and sub-forums. For example in the carrier section you have the main forum's like "cricket" then sub-forums for things like "Flashing Android to cricket". Please post in the appropriate area. We are here to help and if after you post, you feel it might be in the wrong area feel free to PM a staff member and ask it be moved.

    If a post was helpful hit the thanks buttons, posting "Thanks, thank you, etc" is not needed and those posts will be deleted as post padding and possibly spam.

    The report post button looks like this /!\ or similar is used for reporting inappropriate posts, not for posting thanks or asking questions. As covered in the forum rules and announcements abuse of this feature will result in warning/infractions/bans being issued. The staff never wants to do any of those things but we also must enforce forum rules.

    Review the forum rules, and announcements these things are always changing.

    Stop by the Break Room and introduce yourself if you'd like.
    Feel free to post questions in the appropriate area, i.e. Needing to know how to flash a BlackBerry to cricket, you would post in the cricket BlackBerry sub-forum, not in the BlackBerry device forum.

    Try out the search feature, if you type in something like LG, it might bring up an error or no results but if you type in LG Voyager it will bring up all posts that have LG Voyager in them. Some might not pertain to the Voyager exactly but read through them for helpful tips, hints and tricks.

    Advertising, some might ask why is there all this advertising.
    The forum/site is funded by Sponsors/donors and advertising. Advertising makes up for 90% of the revenue that it takes to run a forum of our size. The advertising becomes less and less the more useful posts a member has. Donations of $10 per month will eliminate all but the paid sponsors ads those will always stay.

    We also have many services available such as Metro PCS ESN service, SPC services and cricket services available 2/15/11. In 3/11 we will also begin to have an online accessory and app store.
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