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    I need mifi flashing help

    Hey Guys,

    I am have spent hours reading and pulling my hair out with this mifi. Ok i got both paid verions of DFS< CDMA
    ws. I am using a gusto 2 as a -----. I know accounts running over year on them so i dont understand the controvery.
    Anyway i am pulling the HA and AAA shared from cdma, along the NAM1,NAM2 evlashing
    do and NV items 465,466,1192, and 1194. from the ----- and flashing them onto the mifi 2200i am using the hex verion of t
    I am using the hex verion of the aaa and ha keys for both profile 1 and 2. The internet icomes on for a few seconds then
    then stops with error DNS connectuion timew out.

    Am i missing a authenticication bypass? Where am i going wrong? I am copying an pasting from dfs(ha keys).
    I think im not hangingeverything in dfs MIP and data,

    Any help would be appreciated I know this is long winded but thought the detils would help



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    Default Re: I need mifi flashing help

    try writing the meid to the mifi from the phone and do not use 2 profiles.
    Custom tools and custom phone & mifi firmwares built to your specs.Contact me !

    See for $5 unlimited data on vzw (Resellers welcome) <--get yer unlimited data mifis here


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