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    Thumbs up A Guide to get Froyo - for NON-ROOTED users


    Next This guide only works with a Windows computer. (yes I have something against Apple)

    Last please download the following files before we begin.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    RSDLite4.6.msi (RSDLite 4.6)
    Unpack files and place on desktop

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service ... (32-bit Motorola USB Drivers)
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service ... (64-bit Motorola USB Drivers)

    Make sure to install the correct drivers for your operating system
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    Download the new recovery -- SPR Recovery Provided by MBM


    (I downloaded directly to my desktop, but wherever you download it to be sure to remember where)
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    Download the nandroid file to your computer. Unzip the file and take the folder inside and place it on your desktop. (or wherever you will remember it)

    Nandroid Backup File: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Download Mirror:

    1) attach Droid to computer and turn on USB Storage.
    2) open windows explorer, create a folder on the SD card named - nandroid
    3) take the folder you extracted (froyo-BS-20100606-2246) and copy it to the nandroid folder on your droid sdcard.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    We now have everything we need to take you from your ROM to Froyo (Andriod 2.2)

    1) Start the program Rsdlite
    2) click on the three (...) dots and open the sbf file we saved to desktop (or wherever you saved it go and find it, then open it)

    3) Turn off your Droid, slide open the keyboard. Press the d-pad right (if holding portrait) or up (if you are holding it landscape). Continue to hold the dpad while pressing the power button. This will restart your phone in the bootloader.

    4) in rsdlite you should see the Start button, select it. Let the program run through and your phone will restart.

    5) unplug your phone we are done with the computer.

    6) Turn your phone back off

    7) Slide open keyboard and hold down the x button, and press the power button.

    8) You are now in SP Recovery, Go to restore/backup

    9) Select restore

    10) When finished hit the power button

    11) Select Reboot Phone

    You will now have froyo

    Here is the Official Froyo 2.2 Support and Q&A thread for assistance and additional links.

    Original LINK so you can DL the files you need: [HIDE-THANKS] [/HIDE-THANKS]
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