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    Hi Genuwine1976,
    Thanks for your posts. Between you and Whitey here and a couple of other forums, I was able to get my MotoDroid setup as my phone on my local CDMA carrier (MTS Mobility) here in Canada.
    I've been having issue getting data so far. I'm wondering if this "unlocked radio file" would help, but I'm not totally clear on its purpose.
    Just so you know what I'm dealing with, MTS launched the Milestone (motorola A854) and I bought a Verizon Motorola Droid (A855).
    First of all I rooted the device, the did an sbf flash and put Cyanogen 6.0 on. Then to register on the correct towers I pulled the PRL and nv options from a local Milestone and flashed them into my Droid.
    When dealing with our tech support, you have to take all feedback with a grain of salt. I was told that they have to add the ESN to their network for me to have any chance of getting data. This should've been complete by now, but speaking with someone there today they said "this can't be done, the device comes up as Verizon voice/SMS only". This sounded fishy.
    If you or anyone could give me a brief explanation of what these radio files will accomplish and if it may help my situation, I'd be most grateful.
    Keep up the great work everyone!

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    Default Re: Newest Radio File for the Motorola Droid C_01.43.01P

    Quote Originally Posted by whitey10tc View Post

    That's not going to be the easiest but it is out there.

    Nope, like reflash.

    We don't discuss changing ESN's here on this forum.
    thanks for sharing

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