Have a 6620 that is not carrier branded. As of this post, the 6620 is not available for purchase through any channels. Verizon wireless is the only carrier that sells this device at this time.

The unit I have is a model 6620. VZW offers the 6620L (both are identical). From speaking with Novatel, there are plans to eventually sell this model on the open market to consumers.

My whole reason for posting here is because I would like to attempt to dump the complete system image from the 6620. My unit contains a generic FW 1.3. The VZW 6620L was released with their customized version of 1.3 which I am sure is locked down. The 6620L is currently on 1.4.

The generic 1.3 software could prove of value once this model is more mainstream, and modifications are desired. In the user web interface for the 6620 there are no options to check for a software update. And according to Novatel, there never will be any tools to update the FW from a PC. From here on, all updates will be provided via the carrier OTA. Does not really make sense to me if there will be an unbranded 6620 made available later. Maybe I do not understand, but I do not see how you could go from a generic FW to a carrier modified FW with a simple OTA.

I spoke to Rich on the phone on friday. He seemed interested in it, but I would have to send it over to him. Also, the chance that it could be broken while poking around. I would like to keep it for the time being because I need to use it.

So, I would like to ask for some help here. I poked around with the 6620 for a while yesterday and found something interesting. Mr. Rich said that he has not seen much talk on this device, even in the "other" forums. When plugging in the 6620 you are presented with the option of Charge Only or USB Tether. Neither option seemed to allow the device to communicate with my PC.
I decided to try to use another Novatel driver to see if could at the very least identify the unit.
Downloaded the 4620 driver, installed, nothing.
Downloaded the 5510 driver, installed, nothing.
Then I decided to try the DUU for the 4620 to see if it could kick it into DL mode.
The 4620 DUU reports "No device was detected". ​BUT! The DUU for the 5510 did reboot the 6620.
Now it shows up in the device manager as "MiFi 6620" under Other Devices. I attempted to install the 5510 driver just to see if DFS could pick it up. No luck on that (obiviously), but we now know that it can be seen.

From what Rich told me, there does not appear to be any drivers available for this device. Has anyone here been able to do anything with this model yet? I am not a seasoned flasher, but I am trying to learn. My goal is to try to dump the whole system image from this device as it may not be locked down to the point that the 6620L is.