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    Question Nokia CDMA 6255 porting to any other handset

    Hello ALL,

    This is my first post here, sorry if this or any one related to this was asked earlier in this forum.

    I am from INDIA, and I have purchased Nokia 6255 CDMA handset from Reliance which is an Indian cellular operator,
    this was in year 2005, now the number is still working, however the secondary display is dead, and I need to port or change my working number- ESN/MSN/MIN to some other CDMA handset, i did purchased the Motorola W385 boost handset, to start with, and I have downloaded the Monster files for the same, however, since I am not an expert, I need some help and advice from the Gurus here,

    can anyone suggest, which one is 100% compatible handset to port/move from Nokia 6255 cdma handset to any old motorola handset, and will i be able to program the handset with the ESN/MSN/MIN on the Moto w385 which is boost network, i am not sure if it will work in India, i need to flash it first to make it work with reliance network by registering with my old handsets ESN,
    I know this is possible, but dont know the exact steps, can someone please guide me.

    Note: I did approach Relaince, they say they do not support this anymore, and they want me to buy another handset with RUIM enabled, which i dont want to.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Nokia CDMA 6255 porting to any other handset

    write prl,sid,mdn,min for talk and text, you need to also make sure that is not iden, i dont think it is but still make sure its cdma and not iden
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