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    Default Rich, received mifi from you need help, cradlepoint mb95 tether

    Rich, i had asked you this question before i paid you to send me a flashed mifi for my buddy at xmas.My question was can i still hook this vis tether to a cradlpoint router(mbr95) as i need the etherent to run a magicjack phone line, you said it might slow it down but it should work. Back before all the throttling and other issues when this was simple you just tethered your mifi 2200 to you cradlepoint router and the light on the roter that suppose to stay green flashes green then goes to orange the two will not connect.......any help would be appreciated and my speeds back before(throttel days) were around 2mbs now its 712kbs on pretty slow not sure it will even handle the magicjack.......
    please help

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    Default Re: Rich, received mifi from you need help, cradlepoint mb95 tether

    nothing has changed as far as you using any external device to tether with, however an flashing orange light indicates that your device is has an error, a solid orange light usually means battery low/charging, if your device is in dl mode that would explain your slow speed.
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