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    Default Re: Sch-i200 Samsung Galaxy Stellar Help

    consider the time 2.7 was current and those are the phones it was made for, you would be better off with dfs demo or qpst than ws 2.7
    Also I was not trying to hassle you bro, but having said that the big 4 are here daily and you can be sure they bot search the forum for keywords, some of which are "change meid, write mied ect." the reason those rules were put in place stemmed from a cease and desist letter a few years ago and we all know its not good to poke the bear, we really walk a fine line allowing anything about that subject at all but as it stands we can talk about it if we are careful how we word our posts.
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    Default Re: Sch-i200 Samsung Galaxy Stellar Help

    ya 2.7 is pretty much worthless.. if you want to become good then i suggest you use the newest software.. dfs evolution is well worth the money spent...

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