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    Sprint EVO supersonic and EVO LTE setting...the same ??

    I placed some threads questions .. i feel some were trying to help but did not provide the info i need to get the phone going few months later iam trying again.

    1. I have the old EVO 4G ...the one came out about 2010 i think when you read this evo using DFS... or QPST you read everything the AAA shared secret ..and the HA shared secret ... and whatever you want or need .
    this phone is on sprint and works fine data ...txt calls ..old zero plan .

    2. I bought some time back an HTC evo LTE the one is faster bigger screen memory ram ..all over much better phone than the older evo (supersonic).

    the Evo LTE has the same serial as the supersonic ..but can not read info of the LTE as the supersonic .,however the LTE will never do auto activation .. tried and tried for months no success at all.

    I tried to write the HA ..AAA to lte on profile 0..and 1..and changed the radio setting from lte cdma cdma only ..and all the other setting .. it wont get any data contact with sprint .
    only voice and txt.
    my question ...the info on the supersonic such as when i do ##3282#...profile and or ##72786#...all these info should be the same .??yet some info the lte has the supersonic does not .

    what about profile 0.profile 1 ...hey be exact the same and the active profile the same ..

    can one provide info for me and other please if would ...

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    Default Re: EVO supersonic and EVO LTE setting...the same ??

    for 3g data you need to not set to cdma only because you will only get cdma,you need to set to cdma&hdr only for voice and 3g data.
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    Default Re: EVO supersonic and EVO LTE setting...the same ??

    Yes thank you ..however , did not get this phone to activate over the air ..ot data to work .. not sure if this phone is bad ..i can nor understand why it is refusing to work .i have tried everything name it i have .
    usually the supersonic even if the data info is all wrong serial number ..and AAA will activate if you reset the phone and then will give you data error until you i fixed the serial and in qpst profile and added AAA shared secret and HA. then it will work.
    with the jewel it is somewhat different withe profiles but whatever i do no go.

    any idea what to do if there is something can be done


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