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    Default How to reset spc thats forgotten or lost... Help please

    just wondering how i can reset this spc code on this sprint mifi 2200.... i bought it off ebay and the sleezebag must have reset the spc at some point.... any help is much appreciated.. thanks

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    Default Re: How to reset spc thats forgotten or lost... Help please

    MOD EDIT:this was answered in the chatbox,here it is

    alcatrazcc: anyone know how to reset spc on sprint mifi 2200? i got one that somehow the spc was changed before i bought..
    New [09-22, 17:02] rich hathaway: use my firm or dfs can do it also
    New [09-22, 17:05] rich hathaway: it is easy to corrupt the part of the efs that holds the spc and when that happens the device will not take ANY spc,if that happened you can ship it to us and we can fix for you,or we may be able to do fix remote
    New [09-22, 17:08] alcatrazcc: ya i just need the spc reset to 000000 so frustrating i tried everything its a nice device i just dont wanna waste it ..
    New [09-22, 17:09] alcatrazcc: i was flashing a virgin 2200 and the wind blew just right yesterday and kicked it into download mode lol
    New [09-22, 17:11] alcatrazcc: i got evo dfs will that read the spc somehow i saw a youtube video showing it does..
    New [09-22, 17:14] alcatrazcc: <> is that video proper or correct?
    New [09-22, 17:15] alcatrazcc: oops sorry to flood the chatbox i will start a thread sorry rich
    New [09-22, 17:22] JaiFar1996: DFS should read it easy. I believe you just connect to the port ..programming>general>read spc
    New [09-22, 17:23] JaiFar1996: You dont even need the spc really..just connect to the port....load the a firmware from "download", hit "write"
    New [09-22, 17:23] alcatrazcc: itll read it even if its been changed?
    New [09-22, 17:24] alcatrazcc: i can read the device but without entering the spc i cant write to it it seems
    New [09-22, 17:25] alcatrazcc: ok ill try downloading firmware and writing it to device to reset spc?
    New [09-22, 17:26] JaiFar1996: you can skip all that by loading the firmware. the firmware will set the spc to 000000
    New [09-22, 17:27] alcatrazcc: ya i see checkboxes on the left after i dl the firmware which ones do i check
    New [09-22, 17:45] alcatrazcc: ty it worked
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