Ok, I am looking to change to Verizon wireless with my 4S which I originally bought factory unlocked two years ago and thus it has a MEID prefix of 01 (just like any phone sold by AT&T and any any other US GSM carrier.)

A friend of mine a little over a year ago was able to change his MEID prefix from 01 to 99 (99 being the norm for hybrid CDMA/GSM devices) for his AT&T-bought (but fully unlocked) 4S and actually was able to get on Verizon but not until he changed the that prefix (Verizon's system is setup to explicitly disallow MEIDs with a 01 prefix from being added to their system.)

Once he was able to change it, Verizon was able to add his device to the system (it worked just like a 4S sold by Verizon, which have the same hardware but with an MEID that begins with 99, which is what any 4S should have had but, well, Apple + telco bs.)

I would ask him what tool he used but he's out of the country for an extended period (I have no idea when he'll return) and it's next to impossible to get a hold of him there.

I'd really appreciate any help here. If this is something that requires a premium subscription, then I am happy to get one.