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Looks good, I was able to write the 890L but not what's needed since the latest update. I was thinking about trying the de-throtlling but the price is too high for dealers and the inconvenience to having to get it serviced and not being able to do it myself has been an issue. I wish you guys can set it up on a server like DFS and flashitnow has and charge $10 per flash and I bet you would be making much more money with less work.
I can tell you that our prices beat anyone elses prices for the same service.

As far as having an automated service I just cant see that happening anytime soon when you start looking at the hundreds of hours of work that would take plus the outlay of cash.... maybe down the road but not now.

Also it is an inconvenience to not be able to do it yourself I can appreciate that which is why I have never flashed iphones I just hate having to rely on someone else but I don't know how a server fixes that. You still can't do it yourself. I can tell you that I can flash them faster then you screwing with a auto programer that fails every 4th device and your paying about 16.00 a unit that isn't bad!

If you have 30 or more devices we can discount to about 14.00 a unit so price isn't really an issue and once were done with the preflash you have them sitting there ready to program.

You Pay / We flash = Pay per Flash.... just let us know when your ready