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    Default Help flashing us cellular galaxy axiom to pp

    Hi I was using my virgin mobile sgs3 flashed to page plus and I accidentally put my finger on the wrong modem file using touch cwm and it flashed before I could stop it now my sgs3 is a brick until I send it off for repair. In the meantime I have a galaxy axiom I would like to flash to pp. Page plus switched the phone numbers for me but then told me it wouldn't work unless i flashed it over to pp because it is a 4g phone.

    So... If anyone could point me in the right direction to accomplish this project I will appreciate it very much! I have scoured the internet looking for this help and I find very vague posts about it. I would like to learn how to do this so I can flash my sgs3 back when I receive it from jtag. 35 bucks a pop gets a little expensive. Thanks for whatever help you may provide.

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    Default Re: Help flashing us cellular galaxy axiom to pp

    first you need to get a CDMA program like CDMA workshop, the phone drivers, try to find the 16 digit key and SPC/MSL, to be able to write the settings to the phone. You might need a ----- phone to get your settings from as well.


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