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    Default 4610L to boost issue

    I taking a stab at getting my vzw 4510L onto boost.. im using cdma workshop 3.9 but when I go to write the nv items 465 and 466 I keep getting a error saying "read only item" but it lets me write 1192-1194, and when i attempt to write the ha/aaa passwords i get failed as well.. Everything writes fine to the mifi 2200's to boost or vzw or the 4510l to vzw,, but im stuck on getting to device too boost, anyone know what would be preventing this from writeing successfully? thanks

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    Default Re: 4610L to boost issue

    im having the same issue on that verizon 4620l. have you figured it out yet?

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    Default Re: 4610L to boost issue

    change setting to nv_only


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