Hi im selling a basic nintendo wii, works perfect, includes 1 remote and knuchuck and cords... It has homebrew installed and around 2300 of the best classic Super Nintendo, Nintendo, and Sega games installed on there own channels,, also has a Usb Loader installed which allows you to put a game in a make a backup of it to a external usb device, which you then can play without the need of a disc,, really good feature.. I feel like this is a really good price for what you get.. 95$ shipped 170$ for two systems shipped

* For the Snes and sega games you need a classic game controller that u can buy for around 7$ bucks,, for the Nintendo games just turn the wii remote sideways and use 1 and 2 buttons for A&B. thanks ask any questions

** I also sell Cards and instructions if you already have a wii if you want to add this stuff yourself for 20$ paypal or serve..