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    Default Re: VZ navigator wont work

    I do not think these phones exist today. They are gone in the past. I am from the UK, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. But I really cannot remember somebody using these. Today you can buy smart phones at any price. And some models are very affordable. It is the best to replace your phone and get access to all features you need. It will save you a lot of time eventually. You can also buy a used phone.
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    Default Re: VZ navigator wont work

    I don't use that device or that app but would suggest to you to do these steps.
    restart the device, if still not working, try to connect to wifi and see if it is working with wifi, back up your device so you don't lose your stuff, and do the hard reset on it, after which you will need to restore your backup to get your stuff back, if it still does not work try to update the app via the apps menu or just go the play store and get the update there, and lastly if still does not work you can root your device and uninstall that app then re-install it. You can try to uninstall it without being root but I believe it is a system app and will require root privilege to remove it.
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