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    Metropcs 8530 need help to flash to metro

    Hello . I have a 8530 from sprint and I want to take it to metro, I know there is a way to repair meid but it just blows my mind to understand it can some one explain it to me like Im a six year old?

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    Default Re: 8530 need help to flash to metro

    i moved your post to the correct spot and gave it a title,you were hijacking a 8130 thread which is against forum rules,please read them. also meid repair is only allowed to be discussed in the premium section of the forum,having said that what you are trying to do is not a simple task on a berry,may i suggest to you to get a metro berry instead,or take it to someone who is proficient with phones.i dont say that to insult,but it will require much more than novice skills and will most likely end with you buying a new phone anyway.
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