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    Default Easy Question. Sprint Activation

    Okay so I'm wondering if I can activate a Nexus S 4G over my current EVO activation, although the esn matches another deactivated sprint phone.

    I bought a Nexus S 4G deactivated and flashed to PagePlus. I also have a deactivated LG Rumor 2 (My last phone).
    And I have an activated EVO 4G. I flashed the Sprint.prl to the Nexus, and wrote the ESN/MEID that the Rumor 2 has to the Nexus. Now I have 2 deactivated phones on the same ESN/MEID. Can I activate the Nexus and replace my Evos activation with no problems? Thanks

    (When I got the nexus, the sticker under the battery had been removed, as to why I copied the Rumor's esn to the device)

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    Default Re: Easy Question. Sprint Activation

    I few suggestions, thoughts on this.
    The Nexus is a Sprint device so you don't need to clone.
    You won't get instructions on most forums for cloning
    Take a minute and read through the forum rules and terms of service you agreed to when registering.

    Now my thoughts!
    You most likely bought a cloned phone, pageplus and a missing ESN tag spells clone or stolen.... Would you buy a car with no VIN? Better yet would you change the VIN on your car?

    Now to save a whole lot of head ache and a rash of flaming



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