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12-14-2013, 01:06 AM
Hopefully this is right subforum . If not, I apoligize & please correct it.
okay, I am trying to flash a Kyocera echo (sprint) to cricket. This is what I did & where I am at...
I acquired the spc through getspc. I got the drivers installed, connected to qpst. I followed step by step the tutorial on a cricket related forum of how to flash a phone with qpst ("qpst tutorial w/pictures'). I did not/ have not done ANY thing else at this point...
NOW the cricket # is currently temporarily not in service (until could get this phone flashed for it), but it will be the # turned on for it. Everything seems to be correct in system except under NETWORK it says SPRINT. When you try to dial a number, you get message saying its not authorized for use at this time please call 611 from your CRICKET phone.
Is there something i didn't do? Does the info seem correct & probably correctly flashed? Here is my concerns, I never had to enter msl. I never used an nv editor that I've seen people talk about using. What about it showing SPRINT as network???

Thank you very much for your help

rich hathaway
12-14-2013, 11:07 AM
for talk and text on it you only need to write mdn (phone num) min(mobile id num) sid(for your area) and prl(for your area) and you will have talk and text. but you will probly have to put it on your account then get your min as some companies will change min numbers when a new phone is activated on an account.
for data you must set and write profiles for it make 2 profiles active write and set profile 0 to active, and blank profile 1 so you will have 2 profiles with only one of them active then set mobile ip to simple only,that should give you data.
i am ina hurry now but i think i will move this thread to kyocera sub forum when i return since data isnt really flashing basics,lol.