View Full Version : nexus s 4g (sprint) data connection issue

08-29-2012, 04:45 AM
hello kind ppl :)

I'm in deep trouble. my friend asked me to program nexus s 4g (sprint) to our local cdma carrier. I did it & voice+text is vorking but data (1x or 3g-evdo) is not. I tried everything, have about 7 sleepless nights but it wont connect. there is no 3g icon. I added prl, zeroed msl, entered all parameters to *#*#3282#*#* but stills no data connection. edited NV items via dfs. I decide flash VZW radio but fastboot is locked for another carriers, just possible to flash sprint radios. I compared all parameters to another (working) device via qpst and everything is same. kind ppl please help me :)

p.s. about 2 months ago I programmed nexus s 4g (sprint). flashed miui rom and added some parameters to APN. but in this case it not helps. any solutions? $$