View Full Version : Checklist for starting a thread and rules!

08-26-2012, 06:56 PM
The rules and checklist for posting a sales thread/post.
All posts/threads are moderated! (Staff will approve ASAP) if your post/thread does not appear do not re-post or it will automatically be rejected as spam.

You must have 5 posts minimum to post a sales thread. These posts can not be spam or short one liners.

You must be a confirmed member for longer than 1 month or approved by the staff.

Paypal html links do not work so do not use them, this is for the security of the forum.

You must include in your post your contact info, name, email, forms of payment accepted, item description, time-frame available, quantity available, delivery time.

If you are selling a service already provided by the forum or one of it's paid advertisers or sponsors, your post may or may not be approved. (Check links at the top of each page and in the navigation bar)

You must include a statement that you are independent and not associated with the forum or it's owners CDMA GURUS LLC.

If your post does not meet the above it will be denied.

If you are replying to a sales thread, be patient your post will be approved ASAP.