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  1. Part 1 A new tool to fully flash iphone4,4s,ipad,ipad2,ipad3 to any cdma carrier
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  15. Part 2 A new tool to fully flash iphone4,4s,ipad,ipad2,ipad3 to any cdma carrier Rea
  16. problem getting iphone plan after flashing for cricket...
  17. where do I get the cricket PRL for this tool? I llive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  18. Flashed Sprint iPhone 4 to Pageplus
  19. iPhone 4/4S flashing from Verizon/Sprint to Verizon Prepaid, is it possible?
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  21. Please help me asap - i'm almost done11
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  23. how to add commpatch!!
  24. What is really going on?
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  26. Can I use original iOS?
  27. Will this work for flashing a phone to boost?
  28. 6.0.1 support added to tool but commcenter patch not be updated for another day or so
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  34. Sprint iPhone flashed to Cricket
  35. Invalid Device, this device is not CDMA4/iPad2 for VZW 4S on 5.1.1
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  37. CDMA IPHONE 4s Configuration -- Step by Step
  38. So is Metropcs not going to work anymore?
  39. Page Plus 3G
  40. trying to do a boostmobile flash
  41. may i ask does the tool already can patch the commcenter on 6.1??
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  45. Please refund
  46. Guide:how to flash your phone to pageplus with iphonecdmatool
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  49. Error Reading Device Data,please wait 30 seconds,then try again....GRRRR
  50. Manual edit of verizon 3g
  51. Usb to port error
  52. Is it possible to clone min mdn from an Android to an iPhone
  53. Any one having constant rebooting issue after cricket flash?
  54. Iphone 4 IOS 6.1 on Cricket when phone not answered system can't find voicemail
  55. Status on for the tool?
  56. a quick look at the beta of the new tool to support evasi0n
  57. Future iPhone support?
  58. New tool
  59. Help with the new tool version:
  60. Commcenter Patch for 6.1.3??? does the software support a tethered jailbreak 6.1.3???
  61. I need a lil help here
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  69. Iphone Diag mode.
  70. Once again, it's like a couple of responds on Skype and then all communication stops
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  72. my cricket phone is stll on can i stll flash the iphone with the settings?
  73. Open mobile pr
  74. Question about MetroPCS cdmatool program
  75. Can CDMA Workshop be used with Mac Os X? Need Nesus s flashed to metro
  76. Part 3 A new tool to fully flash iphone4,4s,ipad,ipad2,ipad3 to any cdma carrier
  77. iPhone 4, JB 6.1.3 MetroPCS, "non-printing characters"
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  96. iphonecdmatool.com
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  100. adeee3eb
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