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    Default Mobi PCS , independent cdma unlimited carrier with byod in Hawaiian Islands.

    Regional carriers are notorious for poor coverage but when the region is the Hawaiian Islands, it can be a very good match.

    Mobi PCS is a local carrier that has been around for about five years. They operate on a model similar to Metro/Cricket. Unlimited , low prices, local service.

    They have allowed byod for a couple of years and it has helped them gain a strong foothold on the Islands, especially on the island of Oahu, which is the most densely populated. It appears less popular on the more rural neighbor islands like Kauai, Maui and Hawaii (Big Island) as the coverage of Verizon and Att (and to some degree Nextel/Boost/iden) appears to be superior out there.

    It is estimated nearly 200,000 people out of a state of just over 1 million use this service making it second only to Tmobile.

    Most dealers use Houdinisoft to allow talk/text byod but there are a handful of dealers who specialize in flashing (or "unlocking" as it is referred to in Hawaii) full data/mms for advanced phones like Android devices, Winmo phones and even Blackberries (w/o Bis/Bes).

    Mobi currently offers an Android service addon. Winmo, Palm OS (obsolete) and Blackberry devices don't get charged smartphone plans rates at this time if they are able to be used on Mobi.

    Flashing a phone to Mobi is easy compared to Metro/Pocket as you DON'T have to be a dealer to upload a esn to their database. All you have to do is call in the esn to CS and you are in.

    Finding information on how to flash to Mobi outside of Houdinisoft is hard to find and is a jealously guarded secret among the few top flashers who can do the advanced stuff here locally. However, if one is an expert at Cricket, it is supposed to be very similar to being able to do Mobi.

    Mobi , like most regionals, once had a rep for spotty coverage but with new towers and roaming agreements (especially nationally), this is changing.

    In this economy, they are rapidly the fastest growing (and most popular) prepaid/byod wireless carrier in the state.


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    I would suggest getting a device that has been flashed to this carrier. Then going inside it and seeing what the PRL is and the WAP and MMS settings are.

    All Houdinisoft does is basic flash phones anyway. So, if you get the PRL off of one, you are home free.

    I take that back, you could even get ahold of any phone from this carrier and find out what the settings are.

    That's just my opinion.

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    just wanted to ask if anybody has the latest prl for mibi pcs so i can use it on my lg ax155

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    Default Re: Mobi PCS , independent cdma unlimited carrier with byod in Hawaiian Islands.

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone knew where to get the prl for mobi pcs. i have a phone that is currently on mobi pcs and it says the prl is 10505. Is there any way to get the .prl off of that handset. I got into the menu to change the prl on the new phone, its a htc wildfire bee cdma. i think all i need is the .prl and i will be set. if i am in the wrong thread plz. let me know.

    thank you

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    Default Re: Mobi PCS , independent cdma unlimited carrier with byod in Hawaiian Islands.

    Pretty soon MF Suite/Easyflasher will be supporting Mobi PCS and you will be able to flash 100s of phones to it with no problem. Just stay tuned!


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