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    Default Help activating prepaid LG VX5600 on postpaid line.

    I recently purchased an LG Accolade (VX5600) that is set up to be used as a prepaid phone. I'm attempting to figure out a way to activate it on my postpaid line. Using LG Download I've managed to obtain access to the service menu of the phone, but unfortunately that's as far as I've gotten. Can someone explain exactly what I need to do to make this happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ljohnson1981 View Post
    You should read and google is your friend
    I must say, this is not howardforums, if you can't be helpful then try not posting. To tell someone to search is just impolite if you know the answer then cough it up.

    Now to the OP,
    if I understand correctly Verizon will only allow a prepaid phone to be activated on post paid after a certain amount of time being active on the prepaid side. I believe it's 6 months. I could be wrong but I think I'm right.


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