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    Default Droid Bionic To Page Plus

    Got Droid Bionic, 5.9.905 did RSD Lite full stock flash. The phone was on PP and flashed before by another company, good guys, just want to learn this myself. I'm in Clarion, PA 16214. I've gone in, sent the 6 zeros, nv only, entered my number in Nam tab, i put in for the sid 0162400, that might be wrong, it was all zeros before, my imsi shows as my number with zeros before it, banner traga p2d, prl enabled, system, b only,
    otapa enabled, pch 283-384 sch 691-777 scm B8, sci 2, nam 1, nid 65535 acorss the rows, on the side of all this it says wsn 0x8007Cxxx but when i hit read in security it show diff numbers, not sure if i should enter something in the passwords,
    i boot the phone up in diag mode, have tried couple tutorials on xda etc haven't figured out the "activation" or getting past the emergency call screen, even when i set the phone to cdma only, it grabs wifi and cell signal fine, been able to get voicemail, hower can't get out of the screen emergency call only, due to the fact sim card "unknown" source, so i'm assuming i'm not "activating" the phone correctly, this is a 4g sim card, i have seen where it says for pageplus enter one digit less, not sure where to enter that info, anyone can help thanx
    skype: allen-sec

    sincerely, mr beav

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    Default Re: Droid Bionic To Page Plus

    best advice i can give, seeing that I have the droid bionic with the 5.9.905 update working on page plus but NO 4g of course, is to follow the advice of a dude named Adam3rd@hotmail. Just google the name and there are step by step instructions. BUT, read through the first several pages because he gives 2 different ways one using CDMA and the QPST. Also becareful with your sim card not to scracth the gold connectors because it is reusable for updates since we are still waiting for official ICS update.
    Be patient while going through the final steps getting 3g it can get to you but it does work.



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