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Tired of closing dialog boxes and resolving annoying error messages on your PC’s start-up screen? Getting agitated with intermittent internet speeds due to technical issues in the PCs? Seeing applications close randomly?

While minor PC issues every now and again are understandable (after all, it is a machine), frequent errors tend to leave you unnerved as your productivity ends up taking a major hit. But fear not, as D Tech tools is always there to the rescue!


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Product Description


Our trained and certified expert guides you to copy your valuable files and to customize your data in the most space-saving format without any loss of quality in your media files. In parallel, we help you in customizing the settings of your PC based on your usage preferences for a hassle-free online as well as offline experience.


We are sure that many of you would prefer to get the PC repaired in person. Thanks to this substantial preference, we at D Tech Tools offer highly efficient PC repair service at your doorstep.


  • Hardware Parts Replace & Repair:-

having a holistic understanding of how PCs work, our technical support experts and PC technicians can diagnose the exact issue, software or hardware, that your PC has, and then troubleshoot to resolve it as soon as they can.

  • Software Installation, Updating and Error removal:-

a majority of software issues occur because a newer version is available, and yet we keep using the existing version of the software on our PC. We update such software with their latest versions so that those errors don’t occur, and your applications work as smooth as ever.

  • Peripheral Repair:-

Being comprehensive in our diagnosis, our experts proactively analyze and single out any issues coming with your computer, laptop or connected devices e.g. printers, routers, etc.

  • Resolving Syncing and Compatibility Issues:-

Many a times you end up facing compatibility issues while trying to sync devices and software. We address all such issues with an inimitable ease.

  • Minimizing Computer Crashes:-

Computer crashes are a cause of discomfort to lot of users as it may lead to data loss and affect the installed operating system in the long run. Be it due to a peripheral or technical issue, our experts ensure that it is taken care of.

At Green Mobile LLC, we take pride in the PC repair services that we offer, and strive to ensure that the issues resolved do not reoccur. Additionally, our technicians and experts make it a point to explain and educate you about the issue being resolved.