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    Default Update on verizon iphone 4 flash to cricket....

    as you all know there has been a scurry of activity surrounding this cdma iphone and it being flashed to cricket.
    i and countless others have been working frantically on finishing the flash for this phone,with limited results.

    talk and text is simple,just get to an area with good signal for cricket or whomever you are trying to flash to and simply dial there ota number,(for cricket *22804) just make sure you are not on the 60z plan as ota will not work on it.(oh and make sure your esn is live) this will load the .prl check it by dialing
    then you need just install cydia via greenpoison thru loader ( i have a thread on that here in the iphone forum) search and download an app called Ifile or IfileCracked and navigate to (/,system,library,carrier bundles,iphone,Zeppelin_us) from there open 310VZW.pri with property list viewer,then scroll down to nam-cdma settings then home sid/nid,from there you can edit your sid accordingly. you will also see all the settings needed to get web and pics,but dont bother just yet with that.every page is signed and requires approval by apple servers to render web and mms.this is where the our troubles come in.

    there are 3 ways around this,none perfected yet.the simplest is to "inject" the unknown bundle,which is a bundle used by iphone when in roaming senarios,it is the only one that will allow modification and still render web. the second is to bypass the apple signature,and no you cant delete it,it will will see the apple server addy at the top of the page that it must report to,and dont try to take that out either because iphone will add it back in faster than you can remove it from the 3 places it resides.

    the third is to edit the mobileconfig. and or commcenter files,they would need to be edited together,but again apple will reject anything that is not scripted and has the exact same number of characters that it is scripted to,so when verizon uses esn+spc for user names cricket uses mdn +,so verizon uses 8 characters cricket requires 21.

    so why am i playing my hand? because if i or someone else gets everthing working and puts it for sale it will only last for a week or so.

    why? there is a software called tinypwn almost ready for iphone,and for use on multiple platforms(windows,mac,linux) that will allow for customizations of ipsw's,thus allowing for injection of custom bundles for cricket,metro,or whomever.

    it will be freeware!

    so for now,if you want to play around with it and see where you can get, download a .plist editor and open the carrier .plist file in the Zeppelin_us bundle (click edit)and add this on the second line


    and make it word/symbol for word/symbol then hit save and then done then restart

    this will allow you to edit those files and use to bypass apples sig. but not with 4.2.6

    the app TetherMe also used to do that but not anymore.

    i will continue to try and perfect what i have but with tinypwn about to be released a full flash is imanent.there will be many custom cricket ipsw's for iphone cdma for cricket very soon. and please if you have something to add to this thread, by all means....[/HIDE-THANKS]
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    Default Re: Update on verizon iphone 4 flash to cricket....

    yup, your right. i worked on it for 3 days straight up untill 4am everyday and figured out the settings wont stick. did you notice how the ppp and hdr passwords were 000000000000000000000000000000? the iphone i am playing with has NOT been activated with verizon. I ALSO NOTICED THE PROVISION FILE FOLDER. I WONDER IF IT WILL FILL IT SELF IN WITH THE FILE WE NEED IF IT WERE ALREADY ACTIVE WITH VERIZON. HMMMM.......
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    Default Re: Update on verizon iphone 4 flash to cricket....

    Your only half right. I still WANT to see web working on this even with what you say using a Unknown Carrier Bundle. And ill show you why. I can successfully add, modify, write, change what ever you want to call it, Any file on the CDMA iPhone with out a digital signature check. And ill show my proof. I have YET to see anyone PROVE they have working web.

    Just for shits and giggles.

    The cricket startup logo is on my youtube.
    This is a custom rom btw people.

    This is all NATIVELY unlocked using the carrier.plist found in the carrier bundle.
    So now what ?
    so when verizon uses esn+spc for user names
    Um what are you talking about ? Verizon uses MDN Just because the tag [pESN4] is in there doesn't mean they are using the SPC+ESN look at the MDN, MDN = pESN4 as well. other things = pESN2..

    I HAVE yet to see anyone with working WEB at all. I hear all these people claiming "O I got web but no MMS ill take video later" I can edit any of those files and I have yet to be able to get anything working No WEB no MMS no 3G data why. Because I still have yet to get and cricket to accept. I have shown proof of all the work I have done even all the ##Commands that everyone is using now to show simple things, but I have YET to see anything other then what I have already shown and now have shown how far I have really gotten with this. Hell i'm not even at home. I've been with my pregnant girlfriend who is in labor still and i seem to slip away to show proof. I'm tired of the bullshit I GOTS WEB WORKING but wheres the proof. Hell if i had web working i would have posted that shit, and been like need to perfect it but its coming or something.
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    Default Re: Update on verizon iphone 4 flash to cricket....

    Maybe it is better to use iFunbox to overwrite the Verizon prl with the Cricket/MetroPCS version?

    Or would it overwrite perhaps?

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    Default Re: Update on verizon iphone 4 flash to cricket....

    talk and text is as simple as esn add then *22804 didnt have to jailbreak etc.

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    Default Re: Update on verizon iphone 4 flash to cricket....

    hell ya u go amo! :P
    now what...? >:-|

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